Hello and welcome to our new Everyday Activism series of posts, where we talk briefly about small things that we have done to increase trans health in our local communities.

Activism just means doing something to help and it doesn’t always have to be made up of grand gestures like protests, handing out flyers or civil disobedience. In fact most of the activism we do in the everyday is small, like listening to a friend when they talk about a transphobic experience or taking the time to explain to someone what they’ve said is hurtful. We are here to explicitly celebrate this often-unrecognised emotional labour for the work that it is.

The purpose of this blog is 3-fold:

  • Firstly, we aim to recognise, record and celebrate all of the work we have been doing, not just the big stuff
  • Secondly, we aim to inspire others to action and to underline the idea that not all activism has to be official to be important and worthwhile
  • Finally, we aim to illustrate some of the everyday transphobia we face as trans people, to provide food for thought to cis folks who may be reading

You can find all our posts in the everyday activism blog series by clicking on #everydayactivism at the bottom of each post or by using the link in the main menu.

~ Daisy