If you feel any of these policies need amending please contact us or bring your concern to a meeting to discuss.

Trans Space Policy

Events that are ‘trans spaces’ will only be open to:

  • Trans, non-binary, gender-queer people, and people questioning their gender identities
  • Cis carers of any of the above people, preferably with notice to the organisers prior to the event.

Events that aren’t ‘trans spaces’ are welcoming to all who wish to support Action for Trans Health.

Cisgender people (including carers in trans spaces) who repeatedly make A4TH events unsafe for transgender people may be asked to stop attending events.

Accessible Meeting Policy

All of our meetings (ie. our monthly meetings, and any planning meetings) will have an access break every hour for 10 minutes as a minimum. More frequent or longer breaks can be requested on the day.