Update: Access information for transoup can be found here. Please get in touch if there is anything else we can do to make this event more accessible to you.

Trans health is an issue that extends far beyond what happens behind the closed doors of doctor’s offices. It is made up of the everyday, the mundane. Health is not just something that happens at tri-monthly appointments to review our meds, but something that permeates.

With that in mind, let’s talk about food. Trans people are more likely to encounter difficulties with food than the cis population for a number of reasons. This may stem from our fraught relationships with our bodies, mental health difficulties, or plain old access to enough money to make choosing a balanced diet an easy task.

For this reason, we have started running occasional Friday dinners, called Transoup, for trans folk in and around Durham to come, have a hearty meal and enjoy each other’s company. The biggest thing I took away from the A4TH national conference last year was how valuable having trans-only spaces is and being able to run social trans spaces consistently throughout the year can only improve our health – mental, nutritional and social.

We will also be posting the recipes we have cooked here so that you can replicate them at home. All recipes will be veggie, reasonably cheap and suitable for batch cooking, so you can make a bunch at once and store it in the freezer, or share with friends.

Come to our home and share our food! If you’d like to attend, please get in touch via our contact form.