As well as our Trans Day of Remembrance evening livestream on November 20th, we will assemble a photo collage to mark the day and create a shared memorial.  Everyone is invited to submit an image on the theme of remembrance for people murdered as a result of transphobia, regardless of your own identity and regardless of whether you come to the livestream.  Here are some ideas for images you could submit:

  • Take a photo of a small art/craft thing you’ve made with trans people remembered on TDoR in mind, like a paper butterfly or flower.
  • Light a candle on November 20th and take a photo of it.
  • Write some of the names of the dead and a short poem or sentence to go with them, and take a photo or screenshot of this.

You are welcome to submit an image which is completely different from any of those; you can do whatever is meaningful to you.

Images can be any size and shape; we will resize them to fit into a collage and publish the collage during December.  Please send images as email attachments to by 30 November (you can submit them on any day from now until the end of November) *and* tell us how you would like to be credited — you can be anonymous, known by an initial, a first name, or something else.  If you can’t send us an email, you can message our Facebook page or tweet at us privately instead.

By sending us an image of this kind, you agree that we can use the image in this collage and share the finished collage publically.  We will accept all images that we believe are submitted sincerely.  If necessary, we might edit the images very slightly (e.g. cropping, adjusting brightness) to make the collage work as well as possible; please tell us if you don’t want this done for your image under any circumstances.