We’re having a meeting tomorrow at 2pm to put together a response to the latest call for evidence about the reform of the Gender Recognition Act. This will be on Zoom, with video for accessibility reasons. We’ll have breaks every hour and are planning to answer half of the questions. We’re going to write bullet points together that can be written up later.

🤔 FAQs 🤔

❓ Where can I find out more information?Here’s the official link:

❓ Wow, all that is hard to understand.
I know, right? Here’s Kane’s easy summary: https://docs.google.com/…/1YddTBn9v…/edit

❓ Didn’t we already do this?
We (and maybe you!) filled in a government consultation. This is from a cross-party committee of MPs who are interested in women & equalities issues. Hopefully, this consultation will help them hold the government to account about the consultation they did and didn’t listen to.

❓ Can I write my own response?
Yes, please do! The more evidence they receive from people this will actually effect, the better!

❓ How can I input into the A4TH Durham response?
Email us for the Zoom link.