Hello! We had a lovely first digital meeting on 21st March where we discussed how we as a group would respond to the coronavirus crisis. In short, everything is happening online through our Slack, so if you want to get involved with any of the below you can contact us there or use our email.

Meetings will continue to be held at 8pm on the 21st of each month, but for the foreseeable future will take place online, via text chat in our Slack group. We have a special meeting room channel where these will take place. There will still be an access break after an hour. Please let us know if we can make coming to meetings any easier.

Transoup will be replaced with virtual movie nights, using Netflix Party. This browser extension allows us to all play the movie at the same time, as well as providing an on-screen text chat function. In order to participate you must have a netflix account, google chrome and the netflix party browser extension. If you don’t already have netflix and getting it would be a financial strain, please get in touch with us and we’ll see how we can help you.

Letter-writing is a great way to keep in touch with friends during this time and provides something physical in our increasingly digitalised world. If you’d like to write some letters to friends or family, we can provide you with free stamps if you send us your address.

We are supporting the new Durham Queer Mutual Aid group that has popped up in response to the coronavirus crisis, both financially and through volunteers. This group is focused on supporting LGBTQ+ people in Durham city who may find it difficult to access other forms of support.

We’re also beginning to make plans for how we could provide food from a distance. We have volunteers who’d like to cook, and others who could deliver it safely to other people’s houses. If you’re in a low risk group and would like to help out with food delivery, cooking, or organising, we’ll be sorting this out on the Slack.

We may also hold other social events, such as game nights or crafting. If you have an idea about how we can socialise from a distance during this time, please let us know!