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Hi and welcome to the first Action for Trans Health Durham newsletter! Find out what we’ve all got going on below…

Trans Soup
Last trans soup we had an impromptu zine-making session! We wrote about our families, special interests and, in a meta move, trans soup.
The next trans soup will be this Friday, on the 23rd March. If you’d like to come and you’ve never been before, please reply to this email and we’ll add you to our organising group. We are still running trans soup throughout the university holidays, so come along for some trans solidarity.
Durham Trans Healthcare Survey
The Durham Trans Healthcare Survey is going well, we’ve got some good responses so far. If you are trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming and have had any experiences with medical professionals in the area, good or bad, relating to gender or not, please fill in our form so we can continue to collate this information.
We are currently investigating the possibility of running some training for the local GPs to improve services for trans people and this survey will form an important evidence basis for areas that need improvement. What do you want your GP to know about your care? Get in touch and have a say in improving local healthcare.
T-shirt Making Workshop
Have you ever looked at a fabulous A4TH screen-printed t-shirt and thought, “I want to make one of those!” If not, check out Shon Faye wearing this neat Assigned Fabulous at Birth shirt:
These were made by the wonderful Ashleigh from the Liverpool chapter of A4TH, who has agreed to come up to Durham to teach us how to make these ourselves! So put 31st March in your diary as a day to come and hang out and get a little bit messy while we make cool queer shirts.
Other cool things that are a little less well-defined…
Sophie Labelle – with the success of last year’s talk by Sophie Labelle in Newcastle, A4TH Durham are working with the University Trans Association to bring her up to Durham. This will be between the 19th-23rd April.
Activism Workshop – this will be run by us (and you?) and will feature workshops on topics such as ‘internet security for activists’ and ‘writing your activist character sheet’. If you have an idea of a workshop you’d like to run, get in touch!
Durham Pride – we have applied for a stall at mainstream Durham Pride! We are aware that this event has been problematic in the past and we hope that with our engagement we can improve things. We also feel that it’s important to show the community that there is trans representation and community out there!
Tl;dr, there’s lots going on, please get in touch!
In solidarity,
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